Process tanks

Our professional team is constantly improving, implementing the latest technologies. It allows us to create new products and expand the supply. We design, manufacture and install multi-purpose tanks in stainless steel for liquid products technological processes. According to customer needs and specifications tanks would be produced with mixers, reducers, cooling / heating jackets or spiral,  insulated and etc.


  • For food industry – dairies, flour mills, chocolate, food oil.
  • For chemical industry – fertilizers, fuel.
  • For agriculture – feed and grains storage.
  • For alcohol industry – breweries, wine, vodka.


  • In AISI304 / AISI316 / AISI321
  • Conical or spherical bottoms.
  • With manholes, valves, indicators and etc.
  • With agitators, CIP washing systems, pumps
  • Single wall and insulated
  • Vertical and horizontal
  • Max diameter – 4500 mm
  • Max length – 15000 mm

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